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To eliminate all vain delusions for such, We say to them with emphasis that We do not wish to be, and with the Divine assistance never shall be aught before human society but the Minister of God, of whose authority We are the depositary. The interests of God shall be Our interest, and for these We are resolved to spend all Our strength and Our very life. Hence, should anyone ask Us for a symbol as the expression of Our will, We will give this and no other: “To renew all things in Christ.” E Supremi

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

#Infiltration - A Response

by Vox Consolatoris
After reading Dr. Marshall’s book, which I mostly enjoyed and do recommend, I felt compelled to post here again, after a long absence, due to the troubling conclusion with which he rounds out an otherwise compelling case for the infiltration of agenda-driven evil in the Church.

Since I was able to read Dr. Marshall’s book in two days, all the facts, history, imagery, and connections were able to build in my intellect and imagination without interruption, producing a clearer picture of the disaster of the present Church situation. 

On many occasions, I was almost vocalizing the thought, “So, Dr. Marshall, what is your conclusion to be!”

As the clear and historical dark agenda was being presented in its true horror, and the fact that its reality was clearly detected by both the Popes and Heaven itself, we who live in this dark age of the Church are left, throughout almost the entire book, wondering what concluding thought will be imparted. 

Surely, I thought to myself as I read, Dr. Marshall must have written this book with the purpose of revealing the logical, even if undesirable, conclusion at which he himself, after all of this research, arrived. 

All the hype and sensation, and expectation, given what he discusses in his TNT episodes, led this reader to hope that his book would aid the unification of the faithful remnant around the sad but true reality of the state of the Church today.

The whole way through, from beginning to end, the Freemasonic plot to infiltrate the Church clearly appears to begin to play out with John XXIII and culminate in the madman known as Francis.  The present situation, of which the reader is all too well aware, is clearly in the reader’s imagination as the plot is described.

The total flip at VCII is now placed in a context which not only explains the motive and momentum that led to this modern usurpation, but also makes more keen the chills from this conspiracy.

So, here again, I say:  well done, Dr. Marshall.   But I must also, personally, say – well done Novus Ordo Watch. 

As I read his book, I realized that I had already learned 85% of what is in his book from studying the articles and suggested encyclicals which NOW has on its website.  It was so similar of an explanation of modern Church history that I thought Dr. Marshall must have written this book while in communication with NOW.  Don’t think so, though…

Look here at some of the things Dr. Marshall states, which naturally lead one to expect his conclusion to be quite shocking, if not full-on Sedevacantism.

As I encountered the following, I thought, “Surely, Dr. Marshall will espouse Sedevacantism by the end!” 

I thought this not as a Sedevacantist, which I do not completely hold (I am somewhere floating in the proximity of this conclusion), but as one simply expecting this logical conclusion given the MANY premises laid out in the book.

  1. Paul VI’s rejection, under pain of anathema, of the minor orders, is enough to throw up the red flag that he is not the Pope – the Pope cannot undo what a Council commanded under pain of anathema!  - so, what are we to conclude, Dr. Marshall?
    1. Dr. Marshall himself lays out the clear justification for the invalidity of Pope Paul VI’s papacy.  Not only is he a heretic on multiple levels, but, on this one point alone, Paul VI is anathematized!  How can a man still remain the Pope in ANYone’s eyes who has so publicly and formally broken the commands of an Ecumenical Council and never looked back!
  2. The collection of destructive reforms, each with the power to carry the same weight as the whole, reveal it is Freemason, un-Catholic, diabolical, and false.  Therefore, where did the true leadership of the Church go after the reign of Pius XII?  This is the only question a right thinking man can have.  It is clearly a Freemasonic agenda, so how can any of these men, from priest to Pope, dare be called “Catholic”
  3. They speak of VCII as a New Advent, New Pentecost, New Springtime, when the numbers lie!  Thus it is clearly seen that VCII ushered in an emotionally manipulative and orchestrated lie, intentionally sustained by successive leaders up to the present.  Despite the facts that prove it, the masses remain blinded by the luminous “spirit” of VCII and the surge of humanistic glory, as seen, for example, in the World Youth Day madness and the modern Charismatic movement.
  4. The declaration that the VCII Popes are Saints, Saints like Pius X, despite the manifest heresies and intentional destruction of the liturgical, legal, and catechetical structure of the Church, must be regarded as sufficient evidence, when put forward in the metaphorical trial, which must be called to determine if the VCII Popes were legitimate or fraudulent.
  5. Not to mention the explicit idolatry and pluralism embraced by the Pope in October of 1986 at the Assisi World Day of Prayer for Peace…where he appeals to the “deeper level of humanity” to avoid war and achieve peace, not to the calls of Our Lady of Fatima!
  6. Given the obvious horror of the situation, it was not an act of disobedience to the Pope for Archbishop Levebre to consecrate new bishops, for it was obvious that the Pope was not the Pope, at least after Assisi, if not before.  Dr. Marshall himself lays out this case well, demonstrating that the remnant are all that is left – the anti-Church is here.
  7. Dr. Marshall poses the following question, “How a Pope of the Catholic Church could kiss the scriptures of Islam is unimaginable.”  Well, my friend, given the whole purpose of the book you are writing, there really is only one explanation…
  8. My personal impulse, ever since discovering Mystici Corporis Christi, but particularly in the time of Francis, has been to memorize this encyclical and live by it, defending it against anything else that might be spoken.  It is clear that it is not in harmony with VCII and therefore WOULD need to be defended.  At this realization, it cannot be denied that the religion of VCII is not Catholic.  What, therefore, follows?
  9. If Francis is clearly the one the Freemasons longed to place on the Chair of Peter, as Dr. Marshall himself plainly states, then how can we possibly acknowledge as Pope one who is also a Freemason?  The punishments against a Freemason fall on that man.
  10. Dr. Marshall states, “Saint Pius X would have placed Pope Francis under the ban of Modernism. How can we have two popes in theological contradiction?”  So, what’s your answer, Dr. Marshall?  Surely, recognize and resist is not really your conclusion!  How can you recognize a man as Pope who, by your own estimation, is justly due a mortal condemnation from a saintly Pope?
This is the conclusion that Dr. Marshall comes to:  
This grand conspiracy, clearly demonstrated to have been orchestrated and initiated and successful, is simply…not as evil as it would appear?  Really?!  And how is this actually what he says? He concludes that these Freemasons, running around in and ruining the Church, are valid Popes, Bishops, and priests just the same!  And, like St. Catherine of Sienna, we’re supposed to simply call them back to fidelity?  BACK to Fidelity??  Wait – they’re Freemasons!  They don’t believe at all!  
This is SO MUCH WORSE than just some "bad Popes"!
And your book just demonstrated that!  

Dr. Marshall’s conclusion basically deflates the entire momentum of his book.  My recommendation would be to read, for background on the current situation, everything up to but excluding the final two Chapters.

Please recall that Saint Paul only resisted St. Peter in one moment, which was not regarding a theological teaching but a personal behavior of the Pope.  

It was ONE MOMENT, not SIXTY YEARS, of resistance.

Dr. Marshall’s dismissal of Sedevacantism was so odd that even a reader unfamiliar with the position would think it was being glossed over and tossed out as a non-serious consideration.  Is it that the real logical claims of Sedevacantism necessarily propel one to a conclusion which is simply so difficult to process that you want to stay away from it at all costs, even that of proper reasoning?

In the end, it reminds me of the final movie in the Matrix trilogy.  At the end of that movie, we are all aware that the monster machine which has brainwashed almost all of mankind, and continues to keep them imprisoned in tiny cells, or in a tiny city beneath the surface of the earth, after having ruined the surface of the entire planet, making 99.9% of the planet uninhabitable – is now, despite what we know about this evil monster machine, something we can actually live with!  And how so?  Because the messiah figure in the story “truced” with the evil monster machine and decided to play along for the good of all concerned, hoping to achieve something greater in the face of this evil that is impossible to get rid of. 

It is just as absurd as the recognize and resist ideology, which is preposterous on at least two points – these R&Rs KNOW that the VCII Popes are corrupt Freemasons, yet they pretend they are valid Popes and Catholics – AND they know that acknowledgment of a Pope’s legitimacy DEMANDS that they submit to him in all of his teachings, ordinary and extraordinary.  I am sure there are a number of great quotes from the Doctors of the Church on what practical obedience to the Pope looks like, and I am sure that these do not nit-pick over what quality each statement has.  The Vicar of Christ, by the nature of his office, is a man you would always want to obey.  To refuse this obedience would logically mean you are not a Catholic, or you are crazy.

A response from Dr. Marshall would, of course, be appreciated.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

It's So Obvious - But it's So Shocking That People Won't Admit It's True

by Vox Consolatoris

This post may shock some people, but it should not.  I am not sure who will see this, but I hope my reflection and thoughts are helpful to those who read it.

The reality of the situation in the Church is one that no one really thought they would live through.  It is one that is so shocking that people do not know how to respond to it.  It is so jolting and sickening, but also so heart-wrenching, that people want to pretend that it is not happening, that it is a dream from which they will all awake and realize was not true, a misunderstanding which will be clarified the next time we hear a report from Rome or a statement from Francis.

But, those wishful thinkings are not happening, and are not going to happen.

It is so blatantly obvious that it involves willful insanity to continue to deny the hard and cold reality of the situation.  It is clear for all to see that Francis is no longer even trying to pretend to the opposite of this cold hard reality.

The reality is this:  Francis is not the Pope.  He has never been the Pope. 
From the beginning, he has not acted like a Pope, spoken like a Pope, been pious like a Pope, been reverent like a Pope, been orthodox like a Pope, been concerned about protecting and spreading the Faith like a Pope, been a beacon of Truth like a Pope.

The reality is this:  Francis has done everything in his power to make it clear to people that he is not even Christian. 
The Freemasons love him.  The sodomites love him.  The adulterers love him.  The secular and atheist media (used to) love him.  The faithful despise him.  Francis courts other religions, celebrates other religions, and downplays the religion he is supposed to profess.

If I could, I would list every act and news story about his fake pontificate here, to show to the reader that the above statement is plainly true.  For those who have followed his fake pontificate, what I am saying makes sense.  To those who have not, simply start following the news and it will become plainly obvious.

It is time that the true Catholics start saying this.  Raymond Arroyo and the Papal Posse, Dr. Taylor Marshall and his new video podcast forum, the Remnant, the resistant and stubborn Steve Skojec, Church Militant, Rorate Caeli, and all the other Catholic newsies who did not drink the metaphorical cool-aid like Catholic Answers and others - all of them need to get that apostolic fortitude in their blood and speak with a renewed mind that sees and understands the truth of our age: 
Francis is an evil man who seized the Papal Throne but does not sit on it in the office of Pope.  He is a charlatan, a deceiver, a worker of iniquity - AND WE ALL SEE IT!

Stop pretending.  Stop calling him the Pope.  Start some new sort of approach.

Stop pretending.

Seriously.  Stop it.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


by Vox Consolatoris

It is time.

Things are too far gone now.

The news is of one sort - the world is too far gone now.  Only God's intervention can save it.

The Church will persevere and last against the Gates of Hell, with or without a Pope/holy Pope, whatever the situation actually is.

I will study the Faith in the time I have and hunker down in observance of the Traditions of the Holy Faith.

It is time to pause from following the news - I learn nothing new, just constant reiteration that the world is busted apart, and so is the visible Church.

It is time to simply study what is certain, practice what was previously handed down, and be in God's grace when the earth erupts and when the dust settles.

The glowing box demands more of my intellect and time than I should give it.

I don't make money from this blog, so that is not a helpful aspect.

Pray for the passing of Bergoglio, soon, and the restoration of the glory of the Church through the election of a Pope who is evidently Catholic and valid and true and holy.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


by Vox Consolatoris

Good Lord, what are we to do?

I think Resignationism, as it is being called, is not completely crazy.  It at least respects the most obvious fallout of the aftermath of VCII - that Bergoglio is a child of that unholy revolution, and is now an impostor as Pope.

Perhaps Resignationism would then lead backward to the ultimate point of departure - if you can accept that one claimant to the Papacy is false, you would be more willing to accept multiple cases.  Still, the fact that Benedict XVI is alive is a point of hesitation regarding accepting Sedevacantism, as I may have stated before.

Thanks to NovusOrdoWatch, and their nuanced presentation of Pastor Aeternus, HERE, for which I could take part responsibility due to my post HERE and their kind response in the comment section, I am now compelled to note some startling statements from the teachings of Vatican I which appear to confirm that Bergoglio could not possibly be the Pope.

Here are some zingers - again, this comes from NovusOrdoWatch's adjustment (adding the name "Pope Francis" to the text to drive home the point):
For in the Apostolic See of Pope Francis the Catholic religion has always been preserved unblemished, and sacred doctrine been held in honor
Since it is our earnest desire to be in no way separated from this faith and doctrine, we hope that we may deserve to remain in that one communion which Pope Francis preaches, for in it is the whole and true strength of the Christian religion.
Pope Francis is the true vicar of Christ, the head of the whole Church and the father and teacher of all Christians; and to him was committed in blessed Peter, by our lord Jesus Christ, the full power of tending, ruling and governing the whole Church.
It was for this reason that the bishops of the whole world, sometimes individually, sometimes gathered in synods, according to the long established custom of the Churches and the pattern of ancient usage referred to this Apostolic See of Pope Francis those dangers especially which arose in matters concerning the faith. This was to ensure that any damage suffered by the faith should be repaired in that place above all where the faith can know no failing.
For the Holy Spirit was promised to Pope Francis not so that he might, by his revelation, make known some new doctrine, but that, by his assistance, he might religiously guard and faithfully expound the revelation or deposit of faith transmitted by the apostles.
Indeed, their apostolic teaching was embraced by all the venerable fathers and reverenced and followed by all the holy orthodox doctors, for they knew very well that this See of Pope Francis always remains unblemished by any error, in accordance with the divine promise of our Lord and Savior to the prince of his disciples: I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again, strengthen your brethren.
This gift of truth and never-failing faith was therefore divinely conferred on Peter and Pope Francis in this See so that they might discharge their exalted office for the salvation of all, and so that the whole flock of Christ might be kept away by them from the poisonous food of error and be nourished with the sustenance of heavenly doctrine. Thus the tendency to schism is removed and the whole Church is preserved in unity, and, resting on its foundation, can stand firm against the gates of hell.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

To Sede or Not to Sede...that is the Question

by Vox Consolatoris

So, after a recent tweet from NovusOrdoWatch, I decided the time had come to crystallize a few thoughts and post them, as part of this universal question regarding the current state of the Church.

Here is the exchange:

As you can see, my thought was, "well, this applies to the Sedevacantist position as well, so..."  Their response admits that the Sedevacantist perspective is not certain.

How could it be, anyway?

What the Sedevacantist perspective lacks is a voice of authority to proclaim that message.  But, with either no Pope, or a terribly horrible Pope, or an imprisoned Pope with a madman on the Throne of Peter, authoritative teaching is exactly what we need right now.

So, if Sedevacantism is not a certainty, then it remains the "best guess" of a largish group of people, correct?  I will affirm that this guess is an educated guess - sure - one based on an apparently extensive study of the teachings of the Church from before VCII.  I have been reading and watching lots of their contributions from the NovusOrdoWatch website and have begun my own dive into the pre-VCII teachings on a whole host of topics.

Yes, the Sedevacantist view attempts to be perfectly logical and consistent with verifiable Church teaching - this is why it appeals to me and other intellectual Catholics.  In light of Church teaching, and the bizarre behaviors of every Pope since the Council, the Sedevacantist view is quite convincing.

When reproached as being extreme, the Sedevacantist view is that we do not really know what God will allow to happen, just what He will not allow to happen, such as the gates of Hell prevailing against the Church.  In light of 2 Thess 2: 1-10, the Sedevacantist view gains more believability.

However, what remains at the end is a layman's view - which lacks authority.  This would be less problematic if the view was simply that this or that VCII Pope is a heretic - ok, gotcha, believable.  ...or, if it said that the New Mass is abysmal in light of the Mass before the Council - ok, gotcha, believable.  ...or, if it said that the modern teachings on ecumenism, religious liberty, ecclesiology, etc. were problematic and poorly-worded, if not heretical.  This is what a layman can do.

What is now striking me as untenable is that Sedevacantism goes from these logical observation-based conclusions to the final conclusion that there has been (basically) no Pope since Ven. Pius XII, with everything that follows from this major teaching of Sedevacantism.

Could God allow an extended interregnum?  Sure, if He wants - it does not appear to break with the teachings on the Papacy.  But, that does not, therefore, mean that this is the situation.

The problem is that the Sedevacantist view is evangelically proclaiming the Catholic Faith with this teaching as a fundamental teaching that must also be held and believed  ...or else, to reject this means to be deceived like the rest of the masses.

The Sedevacantist view has some great points to make, and I have enjoyed listening to Bp. Sanborn and NovusOrdoWatch.  I completely agree that the situation is beyond catastrophic and to acknowledge Bergoglio as Pope is nearly impossible.  I completely agree that the SSPX and the R&R approaches are a bit bonkers regarding submission to the Pope.  I still need to complete my own research on what the Popes have said about submission to, and adherence to the teachings of, the Popes, but what the Sedevacantist view states about the SSPX has indeed made me change my view of them.

I cannot, in sound mind, face the fact that Bergoglio is the Pope.  I am at the point that, in the company of others who would be scandalized by the Sedevacantist view, I cannot even talk about the man or, when forced to do so, I feel a bit queasy in my gut.

But who am I to proclaim Sedevacantism?  Who is any layman, any priest, any Bishop to proclaim Sedevacantism?  We have no authority in this matter!  This is my latest dilemma.

With all due respect to NovusOrdoWatch - who are they to proclaim Sedevacantism?

Sedevacantism is a drastic view to proclaim - one that would require absolute certainty to utter, since it pertains to the One, True Religion, whose teachings are absolute and certain.

Sedevacantism is an addition to the teachings of the One, True Faith for our times, but it comes from those within the Church who have no authority to declare something so drastic - this is my problem.

Yes, the situation is terrible - but we do not have the answers - we have not been given them.  Therefore, we must not proclaim as true that which we do not know to be true, especially when it pertains to the One True Faith.

The problem is not "What if the Sedevacantist view is wrong?"  The problem is that we are mere laymen, or mere priests, or mere individual Bishops.

If we reject embracing the Sedevacantist view, what then?  Do we become SSPX? - no, that is untenable.  Is there another option?

So, my thought is then - perhaps there is another way - not Sedevacantist, not semi-traditional.

Could we simply...
...observe the chaos, begun at VCII, furthered by the New Mass, and even more furthered by the actions on the post-VCII Popes?
...internally, each of us, "re-group," and then focus our lives around the Traditional Mass, the Traditional teachings, and the Traditional Popes?
...do these things and hold fast to the Traditions, refusing, out of humility, to dare to conclude what these current matters truly mean, beyond that which reason and prudence compel us to conclude?

This would mean that we do not, as mere laymen, as individual priests, as individual Bishops, conclude things of such gravity like the Pope's authenticity, the authenticity of the reform of the Rite of Episcopal Ordination, the validity of the New Mass, etc. - since things such as these are in the competence of the Bride of Christ alone.

Although it appears reasonable to conclude on such clear evidence, it is beyond us to do so.  By doing so,we would place ourselves into a position of authority.

Would this not be the better path?  This would prevent one from:
- the dangerous path of coming to concrete conclusions about reality based on suspicions and conjecture - which creates a fantasy where the devil can easily and freely work.

- embracing a system that resembles Gnosticism - since the awareness that Sedevacantism is true is only known by the few, and they alone are the ones who have the Sacraments, whereas those who have not put all this together are lost in the Novus Ordo sect.

- becoming the authoritative interpreter of 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-12, about the mystery of iniquity, the man of lawlessness, the restraining force, and the strong delusion to believe what is false.

I continue my research and my considerations.  But, at present, embracing Sedevacantism appears problematic, for at least the above reasons.

I also invite NovusOrdoWatch and OnePeterFive and any others to respond to this post.  I would be happy to re-post those responses here, or link to them, to foster the debate.  We must deliberate together, as in Rivendell, what we must do in these perilous times. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Who Controls these Fancy Blinders

by Vox Consolatoris

Reading Mr. Ferrara's article about the high likelihood of earth being, soon, assaulted by meteors as divine chastisement, I was dumbfounded by his admission in the article in light of his current record of acknowledging Bergoglio as a legitimate Pope.

Here is the paragraph that prompted this post, from his article HERE
These pages have noted more than once that the great ecclesial crisis following the Second Vatican Council has, with the current pontificate, reached a stage that does not appear to admit of any solution at the human level of a reform of the Church in order to restore her to good order, like that of the Counter-Reformation. The signs are growing that God will have to cleanse the world as He did at the time He commanded Noah to build the Ark. As Pius XII, writing in the light of Fatima, warned as early as 1951: “The human race is involved today in a supreme crisis, which will issue in its salvation by Christ, or in its dire destruction.
Noting that this situation, under Bergoglio, and following the Second Vatican Council, is so bad that no human or earthly ecclesial power can fix the mess we have entered into, he still maintains that Bergoglio IS a Catholic, IS the Pope, IS the legitimate Successor of Saint Peter, IS due our loyalty and obedience (well, maybe not that last one apparently...)

How could that be?  SERIOUSLY!?

Come on, people!  Take off the blinders!  Who put them there, anyway!  My my MY they are effective.  Come on! 

Bergoglio is only Bergoglio - if the Lord really did put him here as our Pope, that should force everyone to think twice about the legitimacy of the Catholic Faith...

...and I don't think that is the case.

If the Lord did NOT put him here, but permitted him to come here, then we may truly be in the times prior to a chastisement, for an age of evil has been reigning seductively, deceptively, and effectively, for many decades. 

How else could a "Pope" do the things Bergoglio has done? 

Do you actually read the news?  Do you actually REMEMBER what you read?  These latest two stories are enough...



Thursday, June 8, 2017

I Hope that Bergoglio is Insane

by Vox Consolatoris

"God cannot be God without man."

Thus sayeth Bergoglio

From Zenit
Dear brothers and sisters, we are never alone. We can be far, hostile; we can even say we are “without God.” But Jesus Christ’s Gospel reveals to us that God cannot be without us: He will never be a God “without man”; it is He who cannot be without us, and this is a great mystery! God cannot be God without man: this is a great mystery! And this certainty is the source of our hope, which we find kept in all the invocations of the Our Father, When we are in need of help, Jesus does not tell us to be resigned and to shut ourselves in ourselves, but to turn to the Father and to ask Him with trust. All our needs, the most evident and daily as food, health, work to that of being forgiven and sustained in temptations, are not the mirror of our solitude: instead, there is a Father who always looks at us with love, and who certainly does not abandon us.
Now I propose something to you: every one of us has so many problems, so many needs. Let us think, a bit, in silence, of these problems and these needs. We also think of the Father, of our Father, who cannot be without us, and who is looking at us at this moment. And all together, with trust and hope, we pray: “Our Father, Who art in Heaven . . .”
I sure hope that Bergoglio is insane.  Of all his heresies, and they are many, this one takes the cake.

Despite this "hope" - it seems he knows what he is doing.

For a reminder of his many heresies, and for a deeper perspective on this current story, read the NovusOrdoWatch post here.  Yes, it is sedevacantist.  They are great at cataloguing the heresies these days.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sending Greetings to Mohommadens on their Feasts??

by Vox Consolatoris

So, how long has THIS been going on? 

Modern Catholic:  "Well, if it is coming from the Vatican, we can trust it.  Most likely then, in some form or another, it has always happened, as the Church has always respected the other religions of the world.  Why else would JPII, Benedict XVI, and Bergoglio all arrange those world religion Assisi Peace prayer gatherings?  So...I would say...it's always been going on."

Of course you would, Modern Catholic.

As a result of my training, and moreso my recent and enduring research, my first thought is that there is NO WAY the Church ever did this prior to VCII.  NO WAY...

So, while reading the most recent statement from the Vatican on the upcoming month of Ramadan and some other feast, I was appreciative of the fact that the message's greeting told me the answer:
This year’s Message is especially timely and significant: fifty years ago, in 1967, only three years after the establishment of this Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (PCID) by Pope Paul VI on 19 May 1964, the first Message was sent for this occasion.
Modern Catholic:  "Hmm.  That's interesting.  Well, I still trust the Vatican."

What else did this declaration say.  WHAT?!?  Something about "Converting the Muslims"!!!
Wait..."ecological conversion"?  What? 

But, wait again...it says we need a "profound interior conversion"!!!  The Vatican MUST finally be trying to convert the Muhammadens!!! Wait...the message says:
Pope Francis states that “the ecological crisis is also a summons to profound interior conversion” (no. 217). What is needed is education, spiritual openness and a “global ecological conversion” to adequately address this challenge.
So..."save the planet" is the message of the Vatican to the Muslims?

Doh!  I kept reading.  Heresy again...the welcome friend of Bergoglio.  It concludes,
As believers, our relationship with God should be increasingly shown in the way we relate to the world around us.
Woah!  I am not a "believer" in the evil god Allah...nor are Muhammadens believers in the One True God!!!  And Muslims DO NOT have a relationship with God!  Sweet Lord, please come and tear down this false church that speaks in Your Name!
May the religious insights and blessings that flow from fasting, prayer and good works sustain you, with God’s help, on the path of peace and goodness, to care for all the members of the human family and for the whole of creation.
 Ugh...see my last comment.

Friday, June 2, 2017

This needs more Press

More clear truth about Planned Parenthood's evil butchery

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Deleted by Church Militant? What they don't like...

by Vox Consolatoris

So, I had a fun interchange between a BYZANTINECATHOLIC in the comment section of this Church Militant article on the "martyrdom" of Coptic Christians by ISIS.

Egyptian Children Refuse to Renounce Faith, Killed by Muslims

My final response was apparently not enjoyed by Church Militant - wonder why?  I thought it was good.

I took some screen shots, anticipating the deletion.

This did not past the CM test...can't fault the link...it was from the Vatican

Friday, May 26, 2017

Just when you (still) thought that Pope John Paul II was great...

by Vox Consolatoris

Let's see...how about this fact:

In an ecumenical mission to the Anglican heretics in 1982, JPII visited the "Archbishop" of Canterbury, Dr. Robert Runcie.  But, he did not simply visit the heretic Robert Runcie, he paid him homage, affirmed him as an "Archbishop," and paid homage to the heretical Anglican sect, by visiting the Canterbury Cathedral, the so-called "Mother Church of the worldwide Anglican Communion and the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury."

While there, he delivered a homily, wherein he also referred to the Canterbury Cathedral of the heretics as "this hallowed Cathedral."  Yes, it is the Cathedral where St. Thomas Beckett was martyred, but since then it has been occupied by enemies of the Church!  Ugh...

But at least he didn't do anything as bad as Bergoglio, ...remember this?

Oh, wait...the pain that research brings:

But I thought that Anglican Orders were "absolutely null and utterly void"?  Oh, right...that was the Old Church, before its metamorphoses at VCII

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I ask you...

by Vox Consolatoris

Is this what Bergoglio (aka "Pope Francis") is doing?

Ecclesiam Dei - Pope Pius XI - 1923 - #2

The Church was born in unity and grew into "a single body," vigorous, animated by a single soul, of which "the head is Christ from whom the whole body is compacted and fitly joined together." (Ephesians iv, 15, 16) Of this body, following the reasoning of St. Paul, He is the visible head who takes the place of Christ here upon earth, the Roman Pontiff. In him, as the successor of St. Peter, the words of Christ are being forever fulfilled: "Upon this rock I will build my Church." (Matt. xvi, 18) And the Pope who, down the ages, exercises the office which was bestowed upon Peter never ceases to confirm in the Faith, whenever it is necessary, his brethren and to feed all the sheep and lambs of the Master's flock.
If not, then...

I tell you - do not regard this present situation lightly - for the Lord has already inflicted on the world a chastisement, by casting upon the world, which has fully rejected Him, a spirit of believing what is false.  This is not evil on the part of Our Lord - but is truly the retraction of certain graces - of letting us have what we want - of consenting to being rejected.  Now, the world that has rejected Our Lord embraces Bergoglio.

2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12
he coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, 10 and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, 12 so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

So, this one will be controversial, but think about it!

by Vox Consolatoris

So, for readers here, you have seen that research and reason naturally lead to the conclusion, though I have not come right out and said it, that, since Bergoglio is a clear and present heretic, then...since a Pope cannot embrace heresy and remain a Pope...then...so...just sayin'....

I have stopped following the news about Bergoglio and his Vatican.  I check the headlines to see if the momentous time has come yet, but I don't read what he says anymore, beyond simply observing that he is still spouting blasphemous heresies and acting the same.

So, for me, I have already come to a conclusion.

I have grown tired of reading Catholic websites and watching Catholic videos that seek to chronicle and explain and condemn and ponder what, in the Name of the All Holy, that this occupier of the Papal Throne, and his Vatican, are doing.

There is no question to be asked about that anymore.

The only question is: 
"O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before thou wilt judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell upon the earth?"
So, I have to say that this video, which some will find a bit "arrogant," perhaps, or misguided, perhaps, or...dead on, was hilariously accurate to my feelings about those who continue to try to "figure out Pope Francis."

Watch the whole thing - you may not like it - but watch the whole thing.  From min 7 on, it is truly fascinating.  Then, from min 14:15 to the end, is what I found hilarious.

Yes...all this is sad and shocking.  But...even the Truth, as sad and shocking as it is, is wonderful.

Again, not saying I agree with all the conclusions in this video -

Please leave a comment after watching...and thinking.

Monday, May 15, 2017

In case you thought the Centennial Feast of Fatima has arrived without signs

by Vox Consolatoris

The purpose of this post is to encourage those who have been anticipating the arrival of the 100th Anniversary of the visit of Our Lady at Fatima, and to warn those who have ignored, or desire to scoff, at the sensus fidelium that this year will be quite portentous.

What has happened at the arrival of the Anniversary:

1)  The World was Hacked - the headline on Drudge the morning of May 13th

The ransomware attack infected over 200,000 computers and systems in over 150 countries, and the effects are only just now beginning to be seen.

2)  North Korea fires another missile, late on May 13th/early May 14th
The missile comes within 60 miles of Russia.  It went higher and further than anything they have launched yet.  And...yes...this launch was actually successful.  Further, they have said, or the world has understood, that they can almost hit the US now, and may have further nuclear strike capabilities than was previously thought.
3)  I, for one, as told in my previous post, A Sign on the Centenary?, had a truly strange and absolutely unusual encounter with an institutional enemy of the Faith - a Freemason, at a cafeteria for lunch, on May 13th, right after celebrating the Feast at the Church.  He flagrantly boasted of his Masonic affiliations and appeared to desire to poach the older member of our party.  Many of us were quite unnerved, and angry, at his presence.  It was only later that I reflected on the timing of this encounter.

4)  Pope Francis in Fatima:  disgrace upon disgrace.

Another thing he did was to mock one of the central aspects of the Fatima message, that God is angry with our sins and is prepared to punish the world in order to return us to right behavior.  Our Lady is interceding for us that we may have time to repent before the chastisement.  In one of his Fatima talks, Bergoglio ridiculed this idea stating that this view of Mary is one “of our own making: One who restrains the arm of a vengeful God; one sweeter than Jesus the ruthless judge; one more merciful than the Lamb slain for us." [source]

5)  It was also the 100th anniversary of the Episcopal Ordination of the great Pope Ven. Pius XII.  Not a new event, but let us not forget.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Sign on the Centenary of Fatima?

by Vox Consolatoris

Deeply aware of the disaster that has befallen nearly all parts of the world, I made a filial request to Our Lady of Fatima that she at least give some small indicator that today, the 100th Anniversary of her first appearance at Fatima, would be special, and would be the beginning of the coming of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For many months, I have been exclaiming, in response to hearing of more and more news of evil and apostasy and heresy and flagrant mortal sin in the lives of real people, "Another reason we need the Fatima Event!"  I have so named it for what should be obvious reasons - we know not what the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will entail, but that it will bring a period of peace, presumably as a result of an abundance of grace poured out on mankind to aid our conversions.

So, today came.  I attended a Holy Mass (the real thing), a High Mass with a great choir, and then went to lunch quickly with my family.  We went to a local popular cafeteria style restaurant that I had never been to before.

When we entered and realized how to make our way toward the line to choose our dishes, a man was standing oddly in our path, with a dedicated smile.  As we approached to walk past him, he spoke to one older member of our party about a noticeable college ring he wore.  As the conversation progressed, this man, who, as many of us noted independently, seemed oddly positioned to speak to us and oddly interested in us - he apparently worked there - began to reveal something peculiar, which I did not at first connect to Fatima.

The conversation moved from the ring to a firm admission that he was himself a Mason.  The member of our party did not seem to understand how offensive to God the Masons are, and what enemies they are to the Holy Church, and how they are fundamentally opposed to the Church.  He and the Mason carried on a conversation for a few minutes as I, and others, became increasingly uncomfortable and unnerved. 

We noted how the man did not really hesitate to bring up the subject of Freemasonry, and even seemed to be trying to invite the older member into the Order, though he never did.  Also, he did not speak to the two members of the group who know what Freemasonry is about.  At one point, I thought he was going to try to shake my hand, so I placed them in my pockets.  This was right after he gave the Mason handshake to the older member.

It was not until later in the afternoon that it struck me - Fatima!  Masons!  I never run into Masons - ever.  And I do not believe in coincidences.

So, when I simply processed later, in the mindset of "Yay, it's the Centenary!", this encounter, I and another member both saw it as the Devil saying, "I'm still here - not done yet."  It is as if he is also aware of the time - and he has his plan - and, for some reason, we were being forewarned.

The Triumph is truly under way.  Be sober and alert.  Pray the Rosary...every day.

Ecumenical Sanity?

by Vox Consolatoris


According to Catholic Answers, the modern Church follows the same spirit of ecumenism that Pius XI followed.  Riiiiiight.  That is easily proven by my previous posts, I suppose?

<<modern Church's ecumenical approach directly condemned by pre-VCII Popes>>

Well, while researching whether any Pope before Paul VI (or John XIII - but I did not bother researching that - the point is moot) had ever been so approving of Anglican "Archbishops" - and they have NOT IN ANY WAY - I stumbled upon this gem, from the USCCB:

<<previous post:  all post-VCII Popes approve of Anglican orders>>



Is this Mother Earth gathering all of HER children?  Or...yeah.  Looks like it.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Where the Church stands - as Our Lady of Fatima Approaches

by Vox Consolatoris

As previous posts have demonstrated, and my personal research is only confirming, the modern Churchspeak has embraced many heresies, and has completely cast aside the wisdom and the approach of the pre-VCII Church. 

The cautions against meetings and associations and declarations and joint prayer with...as the Church USED to call them...heretics and schismatics...or...schismatic Greeks and Anglicans...or...Photianism and Anglicanism....those CLEARLY outside of the Church - these have all been completely ignored with the blessing and protection of the Second Vatican Council.  This is true.

So...in my research, I have found something fascinating, again: 
Every post-VCII Pope has acknowledged that Anglicans have valid orders.
Yes...Pope Paul VI, [skipping the 30-day Pope], Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and, of course, the heretic Bergoglio.

So...that means that each Pope embraced a heresy regarding Anglicanism.  So...that means........

Here, for example:

Pope Paul VI  [source]  [source]
Pope Paul VI gave an episcopal ring to "Archbishop" Michael Ramsey in 1966.  This ring was given to Pope Paul VI by the Catholic people of Milan when he became the Archbishop of Milan.  Then, here, the Pope gives away his Catholic Episcopal ring to...a heretic.  The heretic interpreted this, of course, to mean that the Pope regarded him as a valid "Archbishop."

Pope John Paul II   [source]
Well, perhaps a picture is sufficient?

What's happening here, you ask?  Well, Pope John Paul II is kissing the ring on the hand of the heretic which was placed, by Pope Paul VI, on the hand of the heretic's predecessor, in 1966, and is used by every "Archbishop" of Canterbury when they visit the Pope.  So, the Pope is kissing the ring of a Catholic Archbishop which is now resting on the hand of a heretic.  Hmm...I guess that is how those, who refuse to admit this reality, will try to dismiss it.  It is obvious, though, that the Pope is honoring this layman as a Bishop, contrary to infallible Church teaching.  Notice who is conveniently smiling as it happens.

Pope Benedict XVI   [source]
In his address to the "Archbishop" Rowan Williams, referred to as "Your Grace," Pope Benedict XVI acknowledges that this "Archbishop" presides over the "See of Canterbury."  That gives credibility and authenticity to the Anglicans as a true Church. He refers to Dr. Michael Ramsey as an "Archbishop" even though his ordination is "absolutely null and utterly void."  Further, he concludes, stating, "May the Lord continue to bless you and your family, and may he strengthen you in your ministry to the Anglican Communion!

Pope Francis  [source]

Let's have a few pictures instead of wasting anymore time on what he has said. "A thousand words....."

And this is problematic because...

"Apostolicae Curae"
September 18, 1896 by Pope Leo XIII:
36. Wherefore, strictly adhering, in this matter, to the decrees of the pontiffs, our predecessors, and confirming them most fully, and, as it were, renewing them by our authority, of our own initiative and certain knowledge, we pronounce and declare that ordinations carried out according to the Anglican rite have been, and are, absolutely null and utterly void.


So, what is the fruit that these heretical actions will bear??  A very recent headline like this...  [source]

Anglican orders not 'invalid' says Cardinal, opening way for revision of current Catholic position
Yeah...it's rotten

So, can we not simply all say, together:

Or are we now in the business of approving HERESY, for a time, in order to bring the HERETICS closer to the Church, on false pretenses, of course, so that we can more easily convert them?  Then, on that day, we will turn around and say:
Just Kiddin'!  That was heresy all along.

Instead...we should...

HERESY!!!!   Bomb 'em!  BOMB 'EM!!!